The Man who Played with Time

Keeping God’s Secret: Chapter 7 – Sunny climes James is invited by his bank in Switzerland to investigate dangerous problems on the island of Antigua (W.I.) He meets an attractive agent from his past, who helps him with his research in more ways than he expected! Chapter 8 – Dead Bird James is taken to […]

Chapter 7 – The End of Reality

Beyond the Rest of Us –By Chapter 7 of the book some readers may have become confused by the chain of events. All humans are basically storytellers and authors are required to organise their stories into chains of causes and effects, leading the reader deeper into a fictional rabbit hole of action and emotion. Some […]

Chapter 4 – CONCORDIA

Beyond the Rest of Us –Those of you who watched the link to William Brown on the last post will know how consciousness is the medium through which we experience reality. This chapter is an overview of how consciousness is an active component of nature and is key to our existence in the human mind. […]