Chapter 4 – CONCORDIA

Beyond the Rest of Us –Those of you who watched the link to William Brown on the last post will know how consciousness is the medium through which we experience reality. This chapter is an overview of how consciousness is an active component of nature and is key to our existence in the human mind. The hero James is still dreaming during a hospital operation, when he meets his old friend Janet while they are both in REM sleep (see Phase post). The reader is told that Janet knows of a future event on a luxury cruise ship and seeks his help, as James was an officer on cruise ships in the past. This was how she explained the problem in the story:
“So James, now you know why you are on this ship with me. When this ship sinks the reason will be hidden to most, but for some it will sound an alarm about what little unity remains in this EU project, let alone the danger to the 4,000 souls on board,” she explained.
The subsequent events which took place on the night of Friday 13th January, 2012 were reported in detail by the media. There are many ideas in this chapter – both nautical and political about the European Union, so it’s not easy to see the reality. The discussion between Janet and James gets more complicated when he suggests that other factors may have been in play here?
“What? Are you saying this may not be an accident after all? James! Stop playing the evil banker and think about this more positively.” she replied. “Well it has happened in the past! Did you know that the stocks of both American Airlines and United fell sharply following the 2001 attack?
With intense media reports over the weekend, shares of Carnival Corporation plc, fell by over 20% representing a loss of one billion pounds in market value. But that was the outcome. If we repeat the event in an experimental tank test, we know that the ship will sink because floatation can only sustain two flooded compartments. So in all cases the ship will list, capsize and sink unless we introduce new external forces – sea currents, wind and an island. The voyage reconstruction by John Konrad – AIS Data Netherlands: is beyond me.“The captain skilfully used the bow thrusters to manoeuvre the ship towards the island.” However the official MIT report states that the ship lost all electrical power within one minute of hitting the rocks (21.45- local time) and was never restored. Without electric power there was no steerage or a bow thruster. Natural forces of the wind and sea currents prevented this accident becoming a maritime disaster. But that did not happen, because by chance, the wind was blowing from the north east? But can people see future events from their consciousness, which might be considered as the spiritual abilities of an individual. Access to future information is also described as paranormal and has never been explained by mainstream science, but new scientific ideas can explain how consciousness may work. There have always been people who can see future events, or places they never visited. The source of this consciousness is in our brain, which connects us to the Universe to access holographical information that can be explained by the space time memory network. This spacetime information theory is a new look at how reality is generated as scientific realists believe that reality is rational, predictable and accessible.
Maritime Matters 2012: