Chapters 1-2 explained – The Phase

Beyond the Rest of Us -Several readers have asked me to explain the strange events that take place in the first two chapters of the final book. After a technical introduction, the reader is made to ask if the hero James, has really moved back in time to 1814, or is in fact dreaming during a hospital operation. As one seasoned Sci-Fi blogger put it on Goodreads…”one of the strangest books I’ve read for a long time – and yet I enjoyed it without having the blindest clue as to what is going on to whom, why, where or when!” So let’s see if we can draw back the curtain. This is what James thought in chapter 1.
“He closed his eyes and remembered going down to the operating theatre at the hospital, lying on the table next to the anaesthetist, with a cabinet of drugs and vials. The man was English and offered him forty ways to make him dream, so he must have come out of surgery, but to where and in what time he had no idea.”

The clue of course is the mention of ‘forty ways to dream’ but how and why is not explained. Is it possible that someone can hijack the human mind to their own ends? Perhaps there is something out there that has forever altered human history and culture. Something we know little about. Who has stunted human development and who had something to gain from that?

The PHASE is an umbrella term to describe all hybrid states on which the brain centres during REM sleep- when people dream. It’s mentioned in the first paragraph of Chapter 2 but is something that Governments and nice society don’t want you to think about too much. The Phase is like an out of body experience, when the person becomes conscious while dreaming. Sensations can be more intense than physical ones and dreamers no longer feel their body, as they only experience the dream. This all sounds like Science fiction, but Michael Raduga set up the OOBE Research Center in California in 2007 and have conducted mass experiments. His results are startling and explain how most dreams in the Phase can explain Alien Abductions, Religious miracles, paranormal experiences, Lucid dreams, astral projections and near death experiences, to name just a few. In 2011 the OOBE brought together volunteers to artificially reproduce ‘close encounters of the third kind’ – that is alien abduction, see link below. The aim of the experiment was to show that alien abductions can be reproduced in nothing more than a dream. In 2012 his next experiment, concerned scriptural encounters with God and Angels, so if you want to read about the Phase, open the Bible. Have Religions and Governments taken advantage of this to further their own interests? Raduga thinks that people are being duped and led away from this source of human ability. The elites have reason to fear the Phase as man has been programmed for an unconscious existence, working all day to produce goods for our material world. Modern society depends on an endless rat race and would collapse if people woke up and saw how they spend most of their working lives. The story in this book looks at what might happen if Western Governments used mind experiments to control a scientist and difficult people like James. If you want to experience lucid dreaming hit the snooze button when you first wake up and then go back to sleep. Consciously think about your favourite place or person, you may be surprised at what you can do!

More about the OOBE on this link:

The next post will look at the ideas in Chapter 3 and how modern science has proved that our world is not an illusion – or has it?