Chapters 10-11 Extra Dimensions

Beyond the Rest of Us –Writing these chapters of the book was not easy. The main discussion is between the same group of characters found in Geneva in 1814. But are they in another dimension, or in some sort of holographic dimension. The purpose of these chapters was to set the scene for James’s escape back to another dimension in the next chapter.

We need to take you somewhere outside of this dimension in order to remove that implant and he gave me the co-ordinates of a place he had visited, which might make that possible,” she explained.

Extra dimensions pop up again and again in science fiction, in an episode of Star Trek there is parallel universe. The idea sounds pretty absurd, so how likely is that extra dimensions are a reality? This scenario makes for an excellent plot device, but the idea of extra dimensions in physics has a more technical meaning. A single dimension is just a direction, like driving on a straight country road. You can go forward or backward. To identify a location in this one dimension, you need just one number. If you stop at a gas station to ask the location of the nearest restaurant, the clerk you talk to will tell you to drive half a mile up the road or a mile back the way you came. If we defined the direction you were originally driving as positive, scientists would say that the location of the restaurant was plus half a mile or minus a mile. So we live in more than one dimension. We can go forward or backward, right or left and up or down. We don’t know if extra dimensions actually exist. The theory is that at each point in space, there are tiny extra dimensions that may allow for exotic new physical phenomena. Scientists at the Tevatron and LHC have searched for these extra dimensions, so far without success. We do know that, if they exist, the extra dimensions are small and Edwin Abbott’s book is a very easy way to understand the idea of additional dimensions.

His Classic Book ‘Flatland’ – A Romance of Many Dimensions, both a science and mathematical fiction and describes the journeys of A. Square and his adventures in Space land (three dimensions), Line land (one dimension) and Point land (no dimensions). A. Square also entertains thoughts of visiting a land of four dimensions ― a revolutionary idea which the author banished from Spaceland. When physicists talk about additional dimensions, are they talking about universes or just extra dimensions? The scientific idea of dimensions in geometry are as follows:
Dimension 0: is a point in space with no volume, therefore doesn’t exist.
Dimension 1: is a line with length and width which doesn’t exist.
Dimension 2: is a plane with length and width that doesn’t exist
Dimension 3: has length, width and height, can enclose space thus it exists.
Some think that the concept of dimensions does not apply to the universe, as there are only four dimensions and these ideas are inconsistent with how the universe works. A science paper was published in 2013 named ‘ Quantum Gravity and the Holographic Mass’ – but if this was of value, why hasn’t it generated new ideas- not even one? To me it looks more of a label than some Unified Field theory based on holograms and fractals.

Flatland – A Romance of Many Dimensions: