Introduction to Tego Arcana Dei – the complete trilogy

Keeping God’s Secret: Part 1

It’s a New Year and what better time to introduce my new book, or rather the complete trilogy of the Tego Arcana Dei Series – The Man Who Played with Time. The first few pages are the teaser to Part 1- with a flash forward to 2006 because the story really starts in 1967. When the hero disappears from a routine airport check-in and moves through space to a hospital in Switzerland. This makes the reader realise that James the hero may have the ability to move through time.

The first Chapter starts back in the 60’s, in the days when passenger liners took migrants to Australia. James is a junior officer on the S.S ‘Arcadia’ and meets a young female officer who shares his interest in classical history and his imagination about the meaning of arcadia. Late one night they search the on-board library and find a book with a copy of Poussin’s painting of the Arcadian shepherds. Then they find another monument in England, with the same wording in Latin, which confuses James. Janet explains that Tego arcana Dei roughly translates as ‘I keep God’s secrets’ and both feel the same attraction of romance.

Readers of my blog and on Goodreads, will recall that last year I posted science explanations of the final book in the Series – Beyond the Rest of Us. Some of you will know that not all of this Series is Science fiction or fantasy. Of course, if readers want the detailed story, then they should read the individual books, but for a more condensed version, the complete trilogy is available on Amazon, iBook and usual retail outlets: