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“TEGO ARCANA DEI” – Keeping God’s Secret

Following the first publication of the book last year, this new revised version includes more details of God’s Secret, to support and enhance unexplained mysteries in the conclusion. The story is an intimate look at how human relationships changed in the 21st Century, leading humanity into a path-dependent world. It is a fictional story from the banking crisis of the 80’s to the Middle East wars of the new century. New facts and ideas have been added to help the reader understand the story that Governments, church and your bank do not want you to read?

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About The Book

Exciting adventure story inspired by real-life events includes tales of espionage, illicit banking and romance in foreign lands.
Dashing from one continent to another, TEGO ARCANA DEI – Keeping God’s Secret sees hero James Pollack’s life unravel at high speed. We follow Pollack through his years as a banker in the City of London to working in the beautiful and seductive Caribbean island of Antigua, before escaping to Switzerland after being hotly pursued by a mysterious agency. In each city he arrives in, James meets alluring women who act as his personal guides, in more ways than one. The story includes a wide range of topics from the frontiers of recent scientific discovery and the development of human consciousness over the millennia. The novel provides an exhilarating ride through the life and times of James Pollack and readers will certainly be left wanting more.

Why did James Pollack put his “Trust in God?”
What were the “Shepherds of Arcadia” and the “Poussin code?”
Who wrote the “Gospel of Mary?”
What were the secrets of the “Bride Chamber?”

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