The Blogger Jaffa Reads Too…interview

Hello Andrew and welcome to Jaffa reads too…

What can you tell us about your book Beyond the Rest of Us?

Well, it’s the final book in a series about a modern world I barely know today. I decided to write the final book as a conspiracy thriller. This means for the average reader there is a good guy struggling to survive against difficult Government forces. This book also includes some ideas on the problems in Europe and climate change, as these ideas are inter-connected. Readers, who follow the concepts of Cosmogenesis and cosmology, will understand more.

Where did you get your inspiration for the story from – people, places or imagination?

I was sitting at a table in the village opposite a young school teacher who asked me if I had ever met important people during my time in Switzerland. I started to tell her the story about a discussion with Mrs Thatcher, years ago in the 80’s. So I have used ideas from both people and places from the past, often with a Sci-Fi twist. What I have written in this book is a short exposé of where we may have gone wrong – climate change and all.
Tell us three interesting things about your novel which will pique the reader’s interest?
• I used the second book in the series to describe a world fifty years in the future -this time I went back two hundred years to 1814. Writing historical chapters needs more research. I found links to Swiss Argand lamps before electricity and of course the Geneva connection to Mary Shelly’s novel ‘Frankenstein.’

• Most readers are familiar with the loss of the ‘Costa Concordia’ when it crashed onto rocks on an island off Italy. This was explained in the courts as an accident, but as an ex-banker it may have been something more sinister. Accidents will happen, but when stock markets are open, investors make big returns; of course this is all fiction.

• Time travel is always difficult to explain in any book, although it has been done better in films like ‘Déjà Vu’. That needed a huge machine and a lot of electricity, both of which we have in Switzerland at the Science Centre of CERN. I mentioned the story of Stephen Hawkins party in Cambridge where no one showed up. Is he still waiting for time travellers to appear? Time may be a lot more complicated than we see in our daily lives.

When do you find the time to write, and do you have a favourite place to do your writing?

Being retired has its advantages. Finding time to write is not difficult, but having to do research often slows me down for months. I do most reading, writing and online research in the winter, when the temperatures outside are below freezing. In summer it’s time for editing and correction. Details of some scenes can appear in dreams at night so I always keep a notepad next to my bed. This is what I call the ‘Connected Universe’ in my book.

What do you hope readers will take away from your novel?
Well first and foremost, I hope it may generate some interest in science and modern physics. I always include a list of books in the Acknowledgements at the end of each book, in the hope that a few readers may find at least one book of interest.

Can you tell us if you have another novel planned?

I had thought that when you write a trilogy that should be the end of the story. But then I see how events this year have got out of control in Europe and the Middle East and it would be easy to continue the series…? I’m keeping my options open for now.