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Tego Arcana Dei – book 5

Eve not Adam

Eve not Adam

Tego Arcana Dei – book 5 (Published November 20 2020)

James Pollack, retired Swiss Banker, is at the reveal of a scientific breakthrough.
Following the return of three survivors from a mission to an exo-planet, key personnel leave on an IFOR military carrier bound for Sarajevo airport, which sets off a controversial expedition of fear and survival.

The rescue of Susan and Bee, the remaining two women from the mission, is important for the continuation and survival of planet Earth. Trapped as they were, they could never have imagined that their connection to Armana would have such a far-reaching effect in the universe.

To evade a devious enemy, who is one step ahead of him at every turn, James must use all his time travelling skills and even those he thought he trusted have hidden agendas.
Time is quickly running out as governments across the world learn that their ideas of a clean, healthy planet have only one thing in common – They are all dead wrong.