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Tego Arcana Dei (book 1 + book 2 + book 3)

the man who played with time

The complete trilogy

The Man who played with time

Tego Arcana Dei (book 1 + book 2 + book 3)

A thought provoking journey through Time and Space
Andrew Man has long been inspired by Science and our ancient origins in creating his Science Fiction Series.
Now he turns his attention back to the beginning, presenting a fiction rendition that follows the life of his hero over fifty years. The author fashions these early stories into an adventure with a rich and powerful family in Africa. Returning to London he meets Jessica on a train, who explains his future life. Later while investigating the death of an American in the Caribbean, he remembers the works of a medieval painter and a monument in England. Drawn into a web of spiritual intrigue, he and his Indian guardian race against powerful agencies to find an ancient relic required to resurrect a Black Madonna doll.
A trail of clues leads them from a war at an archaeological dig in Lebanon, to experiments at a Science Centre in Switzerland and onto pyramids on the Giza plateau. Intertwined with this mystery-thriller, a parallel conflict is being waged, where the year is 2059 and the group at a valley in the Balkans, are waiting to return in time.
More poignant is the final part, where James the hero is kidnapped by Janet, the head of a Secret EU Group, for crimes he does not understand. When an Italian cruise ship hits rocks in the Tyrrhenian Sea and a respected American scientist disappears, it exposes more persons with para-normal powers. The tribulations of the book dovetail into a fast-paced thriller to expose the world’s most explosive secret.